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Japanese Garden in Long Island, NY

Sent: Fri 27/04/12 8:05 AM
Subject: Fwd: Garden pics for Lloydsblog
"Hi there - I have been a huge fan of Lloyd's for a long time, I have about 4 of the books including the original Shelter that I never put down.
I wanted to send pictures of my incredible Japanese garden here on Long Island, NY. The best thing about our garden is that it is completely unexpected. We have a variety of trees, flowering trees, evergreens and pines. Everything from Chinese Redbuds, 5 cherry blossoms, Hanoki trees, to a giant Magnolia tree, 43 arborvitae trees, a well established Bosnian Pine and a whole lot more.…"

Matt Scheiner
Long Island, NY


Peter Holt said...

Aside from the clichéd stone lanterns, how exactly is this a "Japanese" garden...? Seems very much all-American to my eyes - especially the unkempt, dyed red mulch. Sorry, Lloyd.

Matt Scheiner said...

You're absolutely right, Peter, it is Japanese-inspired. Perhaps I should have put it more in context. Given where we live, the birthplace of American suburbia, where the majority of houses look the same and are
back-ended by uninspired postage stamp sized plots of nothing but grass, our garden is a welcome and unexpected respite. Check out the other pics on my site.

Anonymous said...

Nice garden , Matt....Do you have any asian Lindera species growing in your collection of plants ??? I have been searching for lindera erythrocarpa for over 10 years and am looking for any leads possible . If you know of any please email me at davidia6555@NOSPAMyahoo.com. Thanks again.
Dennis Weston

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