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Tiny Home With Dormer in Humboldt County

Funky, but it shows an interesting variation: a dormer that would make the otherwise claustrophobic loft feel more spacious. I don't remember seeing this on any of the typical steep-gabled tiny homes. Also, note the shakes for rain protection over the door.


Anonymous said...

okay, keep meaning to ask you Lloyd, what is the purpose of that sort of square on the very top of the roof? --- Me, I am thinking (especially since it is a small house) a sort of skylight/moonroof ==like cars--which can be opened??

Nice angles on this little home.

c w swanson said...

That sheet metal roof's gonna blow off in the first big wind storm.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Anon -- Don't know. Maybe it's a leaky skylight.

Anonymous said...



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