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The Lost Coast Beach Walk

Just back, now in Gualala. Exhausted. 25 miles of hiking in soft sand and boulder-hopping and high-tide dodging. It was the adventure of my life. On the 2nd day, wasn't sure I'd make it, but got a rest and pushed through for 8-1/2 hours yesterday. Utterly wild, raw, tough terrain. If something goes wrong out there, there's now way to get help. I'm so proud.
Had steak, 2 pints IPA at the just-opened brewery in Shelter Cove last night to celebrate, the Big Boy breakfast this morning in Trink's, my body restocking on depleted reserves; boy is it great to be ravenous and burning up whatever food is consumed.
Shot pics of lots of beach shacks.
Sea lions were unexpected maybe 75 of them snoozing on the sand near the abandoned Punta Gorda lighthouse, hardly mindful of humanoid in their midst.
Will write more soon…


c w swanson said...

Looking forward to the rest of the story.

blissfulsally said...

What an adventure!

Irene Tukuafu said...

I have LOVED reading of your posts here. THANK YOU for the pictures you posted and the ones I saw in my mind. How I love the Ocean and walking along it's coasts. This lost coast I'm not familiar with....Oregon? I'm also looking forward to the "rest of the story". aloha, irene

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