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Carpentry in Brooklyn

Down an otherwise unremarkable street north of Bay Ridge was this tattered old beauty. Note:
 • the cupola (turret? --not sure of the terminology) is perfect in form, if not sheathing. Now there's some carpentry; I'd love to see how it's framed inside. There are few carpenters around these days with these skills.
• the awkward addition pasted on to the original gable roof (follow the green shingles). Imagine this building in its original form. Ah, me.
When I see barns, I always look for any sagging in the eaves. Barns that have been neglected and are falling apart often have straight eaves, meaning the foundation was sound.

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Peter Robinson said...

It's amazing how these old houses can withstand decades of neglect and still remain standing. Definitely a tribute to the old carpenters who built them. Most modern houses will rot out and have to be demolished unless continuously and meticulously maintained.

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