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Beelzebub's Lamborghini

This apparition came roaring down Bleeker Street last night with a rumble like 3 Harleys. Everyone was dumfounded. I ran to catch up with it, tried to see inside through tinted glass and couldn't see a driver. An Elon Musk experiment?
I said to another guy, "Was there a driver?"
He said, "I certainly hope so."
When I enlarged a shot from the rear, it turned out to be a Lamborghini. License plate: 61666, prompting one guy to speculate it was a car of Beelzubub. Wikipedia: "…The number 666 is purportedly used to invoke Satan."


Anonymous said...

don't know if this is the owner of this one, but if so, Lloyd, you might have been surprised to find who you were chasing, grin.

"justin bieber silver Lamborghini"

CC said...

Beautiful machine

Eileen O Boyle said...

Just saw it on 5th Ave and headed West on 47th street. Fab!

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