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The English Cottage

This exquisite painting is from one of my treasured books, Old English Country Cottages, edited by Charles Holme, published in 1906. It's a paean to the English cottage, with wonderful pen and ink drawings by Sidney R. Jones, as well as 14 paintings (such as this one) interspersed throughout the 168 pages. I picked up a tattered copy in London in the early '70s. It's apparently been recently reprinted, but it looks as if there are copies of the original available from Abe Books for about $30-$40 (from the UK).

Right now, "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" by Otis came on Sirius radio, such a lovely song. It's 50 years old.


vic said...

Hi Lloyd. Great picture. It looks to be a 'Wealden' house, mostly from the south east of England. The centre bay is an open hall, open to the roof, whilst the outer bays are jettied and floored. Medieval timber framed house.

Peter Robinson said...

And for the cheapskates among us, it is available for free at https://archive.org/details/oldenglishcount00holmgoog

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