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Nice little teardrop trailer in San Rafael

Too bad these are so darned expensive.


Anonymous said...

have always liked these sweet little campers...

here's a nice VW Microbus story for you...

Man finally gets VW Microbus he left a note on asking to buy 8 years ago


Eight years ago, when he was 16, Kyle Cropsey spotted his dream car — and today it’s finally his.

The blue and white 1971 model didn’t have a “For Sale” sign on it, but he wrote a note saying he wanted to buy it and slipped it through the window

Recently, The now high school teacher, who today owns a 1976 VW Westfalia van, says he got a phone call from a man named Cris Mead, whose father Cornelius had owned the van from the beach. Mead explained his dad had passed away recently at the age of 82.

Mead and his relatives decided to give it to him, because they knew they couldn’t find a better home for a vehicle their father had treasured

Anonymous said...

Micro Homes in Netherlands



Guildenford said...

There are plenty of others but Kuffel Creek Press do instructions for building a teardrop. I have absolutely no connection with them (and I'm in the UK) but some time ago I sent them a comment about what a good feel there was about their website and got a really nice response. Good folks I think.

Unknown said...

I've read that teardrop trailers aren't difficult to build, once you've got a decent trailer. Considering all the building you've done, you should be able to do a teardrop in your sleep. For the sheet metal, you can get the flat (not crimped) from a roofing supply place (NOT a roofing business). It comes on a roll (about 39" wide, IIRC) and they can cut to nearly any length, up to 40 ft. BE SURE TO SPECIFY THAT YOU DON'T WANT IT CRIMPED. Here in W. WA, it costs $2.67 per linear foot for 28 gauge. Twelve colors, and I'm dying to make a rig out of the Copper Penny color (baked-on paint)! Here's the place local to me (I'm sure there are other companies): http://tinmensupply.com/

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