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The People of Kau by Leni Riefenstahl

After our duck dinner Thursday night, Louie and Titch started looking at this book, which I had pulled out of the bookshelf a week before. We all started looking at it. The photos were stunning. We were fascinated. The photographer obviously had close and unusual rapport with these beautiful people. Used copies of the book are available online for $18-20.
Leni Riefenstahl was a very controversial artist -- a dancer, swimmer, filmmaker, and photographer who is perhaps most famous for having produced The Triumph of the Will, which was used for propaganda by Hitler and the Nazi party in World war II. You can read about her on Wikipedia,
In a way, it reminds me of people I know, say high school and college friends who are Trump supporters. The latter fact doesn't mean they are no longer my friends. People can be a combination of qualities. I can resonate with some people on many things, yet be on completely a different wave length on other subjects. Go figure.


Unknown said...

Making a connection between the Nazi party and Trump supporters is shameful and the very reason why our country is so horribly divided today.

lee said...


PG Geoff said...

I think Lloyd only meant that it's possible to have profound disagreements with people but still share some commonalities and even remain friends. Nothing horribly divisive about that

Peter Robinson said...

I really don't think that Lloyd was making any such comparison. He was commenting on the paradox that some people, despite having views distasteful to many, may also have admirable aspects to their character. Few people are entirely evil or entirely good.

I am reluctant to post this comment because I think that Lloyd can defend himself and I would hate to see this blog degenerate into the childish political name calling that I have seen in other arenas.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Actually, I was not equating Trump supporters with Nazi Germany. I was referring to the fact that people (Riefenstahl, Trump supporters), can be a mixture of qualities. Trump supporters were the first thing that came to my mind in terms of people with whom I resonate on some issues, disagree with strongly on others.

Unknown said...

Understood, thank-you. I may be too sensitive but the term
“Nazis” is often used unfairly in articles when Trump is mentioned.
Lloyd, please carry on with your good work.

Michael Allison said...

I dunno, I smoke pot, support gay marriage, love gardening and the outdoors, and believe that social safety nets are vital to the welfare of society as a whole (within limits). I voted for Obama twice. I voted for Trump this time around, as did many other liberals. He is not a person I would want to be friends with in my personal life. He is actually quite an asshole, but that is why I voted for him.

The Democratic left has changed from a party that supported civil rights and free speech for everyone, to a party that wants to tell you what to say, how to think, and how to act. They have turned nearly as authoritarian as conservative Christians, using a dogma of political correctness and race as tools to control language, and therefore thought.

This is fundamentally un-American to me, the freedom of speech, no matter how vile it may be, is much more important than somebody being offended by what others say. So I voted for the asshole who doesn't care if he is offending everybody in the room. He breaks every sacred cow of the increasingly Marxist left, and because of that he is forcing a debate about the role of political correctness, race and what is really important in this country. These used to be issues that were too taboo to even talk about, but now we are talking about them eh? Now we are communicating! and I believe that once we wear each other out and get tired of the shouting, we will actually start to listen to what the other side has to say and find compromise and a way forward. We would have never got here with Hillary, sometimes it takes a blundering asshole to clear the air.

Anyway I hope that provides some insight into how anyone could possibly vote for the jerk.

All the best,


Selwyn Gossett said...

Looking at how Trump is loading the Federal benches with people who are NOT thoughtful and are often simply corporate tools and looking at his appointees who are destroying needed regulations along with some outmoded ones, the selling off of public property and his authoritarian streak - when he said in his State of the Union address he wants to make it easy to get rid of Federal employees......no, burning down the house so "we can have conversations we couldn't before" is ridiculous. The Civil Service was formed way back to stop the turnover with every new administration, because you need continuity and specialists. He was talking about loyalty and purges. It's not his using terms in ways that are offensive, it's he and his administrations actions. Nobody who has a grasp of history - actual history, not what passes for history education in this country - is not alarmed about this guy and his admin. Sorry Lloyd, I had to answer.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Yes, right on. Offended by what he says, Mike says. I'm offended by what he's doing -- to the planet, to poor people, to women, to decent government controls (yes, there are many), on and on. He and his minions are evil and it's beyond me why anyone who voted for him can watch what he's doing and approve.

Anonymous said...

Michael, your comments are right on. The left has been taken over by radical progressives. If the Democratic Party had a more centrist candidate Trump would not be POTUS. And our environment would be better off for it. Nevertheless, Trump has helped the poor by lowering the unemployment rate (of course this helps poor women too). When it comes to the criticism of Trump in relationship to women,I wonder if the finger pointers complained about Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton? And exactly what policies has Trump promoted that hurts women since his election?

Michael Allison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael Allison said...

I removed my last comment because I felt it wasn't well thought out enough. I would like to thank you Lloyd for letting my comment stand at all, I've been met with a lot of outright hostility and censorship when I try and discuss things with fellow Liberals lately. It says a lot about your character that you are willing to tolerate an alternate view point on your personal blog. I won't try and change your opinion on Trump, but If you would indulge me airing a few related thoughts I would be grateful.

One of the reasons I identify with Liberals is their willingness to question authority, both from the government and from powerful corporations. I'm only 30, but hearing about the sit ins and marches in the 60's has been fuel for my rebellious side for years. Can you help me understand why a movement that started in questioning authority, now accepts that yoke so easily? The corporations that ravage the planet
and exploit the poor own the media outlets like the times, msnbc, fox and all the alphabets. A simple google search on ownership will show you who you are really listening to. It isn't the voice of the people, it's the voice of billionaires and the powerful, playing your emotions like a fiddle.

The other confounding thing is the unwavering support of a government that is a war machine no matter who is in office, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan. Liberals are just as guilty as conservatives in these unjust wars. How many people killed for our government's power lust? We whine about police brutality and state violations against our privacy and in the same breathe argue that we should be giving these institutions
more power by electing a fake progressive like Hillary Clinton.

I voted for Trump, not because he was the best option, but because he was the most disruptive one, a non-politician that, through his blundering, would call attention to important issues that are not being addressed by the state and corporate run media anymore.

Sadly that same media has us chasing out tails, blaming the Russians for our failures, and attacking each other based off of gender, sex, and race. Ask yourself is it Trump who is inciting these things, or the media? Who benefits from us attacking each other more? The government, and the corporations who they are in bed with, or Trump? If we are busy hating each other, we aren't focusing on the issues with them. I really hope that we do start talking now, that Trump's blundering forces us to address these issues and reconcile as a people, because the alternative is very, very ugly.

Thanks for letting me say my piece, sorry it is so long winded, always your admirer,


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