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Van Living -- Hour Long Movie

From Mike W

See Foster Huntington;'s latest book, Van Life: Your Home on the Road: https://www.amazon.com/Van-Life-Your-Home-Road/dp/0316556440

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Irene Tukuafu said...

this is one cool movie. My totally fav. car was my 1988 Westfalia camper van. Many trips from West Coast to Nauvoo...and had it here, but became such a money pit to have folks fix it all the time....so I sold it. I wonder why Volkswagon doesn't make these again. Not all the frills that they SAY they are going to do. They would sell millions of them if they made these again. On your blog I first saw what folks did to FORD TRANSIT CONNECT and I did get one in October. I made a bed in the back and two shelves and planning big time to go to some music festivals this spring. yeah...BUT NOTHING BEATS THE VW POP UP. aloha, irene

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