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Seven Useful Tools in My Shop

Our newly-formed Shelter film crew has started making short videos. With producer Em-J Staples and cameraman and film editor Evan Kahn. Listed in in order of production here: https://www.youtube.com/results?sp=CAI%253D&search_query=lloyd+kahn

To see URLs for buying any of these tools, click on the YouTube icon at bottom after video starts.

Our next video will be on my return, albeit more cautiously, to skateboarding.


mauisurfer said...

what is hatchet called?
who made it?
where to buy?

Lloyd Kahn said...

Maui, click on Youtube to view URLs for all tools.
Hand forged ain't cheap, but it'll last several lifetimes.

mauisurfer said...

thanks lloyd
i see similar japanese for less that $40 on amazon and ebay, minus the sheath, maybe not as sturdy as yours
i love japanese steel hand tools, my sickles are made with 2 different steels forged together, one brittle for sharp edge blade, one not brittle to protect from fracture
same idea as samurai sword
best pbs nova show ever was

mauisurfer said...

more japanese hatchets here:



mauisurfer said...

and another one

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