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Lesley's Open Studio

Lesley is having an open studio of her weaving (scarves, shawls, hats), quilts, and hand-spun wool over Thanksgiving weekend across the road from our home at 285 Dogwood Road. Info on all 19 Bolinas artists: www.coastalmarinartists.com. A couple of blocks down the road (165 Alder) is painter Dieter Tremp's studio.


Anonymous said...

Lesley's work is beautiful. Thank you for showing us.

Just curious...the amount of her work which is shown in this photo, how long would this take to accomplish? A year or more?...

Irene Tukuafu said...

I agree on this work being BEAUTIFUL. I would ask the same question...now long to accomplish this unique display of artwork? Love her choice of colors and variety. Wish I could come and see it all my self.

Lloyd Kahn said...

From Lesley: Thank you for your kind words.
I enjoy working with my hands and making useful things !
My shawls and scarves can take a week or so- not working 8 hrs a day, but a little every day. Setting up the loom for a project is the slowest part.
The quilts are also worked for short periods of time, but most days until finished- and can take 3-5 months.
Some of the work pictured, such as the quilts, was completed in the last 5 years, but weaving etc in the last year.

Anonymous said...

Lesley (Lloyd)
Thank you for the reply/info. After I posted suggesting "a year or more"...I started thinking, maybe more like five yrs, all told...grin.

It is interesting to understand how long /how much work is involved. I hope when you set up for a show/sale, you have a card beside each to indicate roughly the hours/time etc...

All told, beautiful work. I have always loved hand made "anything".

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