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Dried #seaweed. Been picking up fresh pieces of different types off beach, drying well, then grinding into powder & flakes, sprinkling on almost all food, even in morning oatmeal. Intuitive (free) mineral/vitamin supplement.


Anonymous said...

I live in N Texas, so no seaweed foraging for me! But I do love to put Dulse flakes in my oatmeal...kindred spirits! ;) Love you blog, by the way. -Erin

Peter Robinson said...

As I live near a beach, I just might start doing this. I wonder though, do you need to know your seaweed types before doing this? I would hate to be the idiot who kills himself by eating poisonous seaweed. Actually, ARE there any poisonous seaweeds?

Anonymous said...

some seaweed is especially high in iron content.

At first thought, that might sound good, but if one is eating a good diet, one likely gets enough iron from "regular" food.

The body has no way to rid itself of excess iron, (unless one donates some blood..helps), and excess iron is stored in joints/bones/organs/brain, contributing to poor healing/bone and joint problems/hearing loss, dementia, etc..

....Just sayn'.....

Unknown said...

your so off the charts.. living spontaneously,following the deep and surfaced instincts. Me too.. and this kind of harvesting works for me as well ! Its a great way to add substance to an otherwise simple hike.. nothing like taking a stroll and returning home with a project to feed the blender,mind and body ! Best of times to you Lloyd ...

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