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At first glance I thought it was a funky BMW 2000, but it turned out to be (I believe) an Alfa Romeo Giulia, built 1962- 1978. On 46th Ave. in SF. Soulful little car.


mauisurfer said...

excellent cars
love Alfa - fast reliable economic
after ww2, usa prohibited italy from making weapons, including aircraft
so italy made ferraris, maseratis, alfas
best metal casting on the planet
when gm/ford/chrysler opened plants in Mexico, they brought in italian engineers to teach how to cast metals, make engines, transmissions etc

Lloyd Kahn said...

Like the Italian stone masons who came to Santa Barbara around the turn of the century to build mansions in the Montecito area, and also to build the beehive lime kilns and charcoal ovens in Nevada...

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