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Isetta 300

This is a 1-cylinder Italian microcar built by BMW that got 94 miles per gallon in the '50s. There were a lot of them in Germany when I was stationed there in the USAF in the late '50s. This one was being refurbished by Ricky J in Prineville, Oregon, when I was there for the eclipse last month. Ricky has a fleet of old cars that he's restoring, each one a gem by the time he's through..


CK said...

If you like this sort of thing, Lloyd, I have quite a few photos from the micro-mini car show that periodically shows up at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, Mass. I have a tiny Isetta model that has pride of place in my piano top Christmas Village.


Lloyd Kahn said...

CK, Can I refer people to this website? Is there a link to more of these cars?

CK said...

Of course you can refer people to it--I don't have any more pictures from that show but there are some earlier in my Flickr stream. I'll have to find them, and then I'll send you a link to those. Glad you like them!

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