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Books on the #60s, reference for book on the era that I'm working on now...


Sel said...

Liked Peter Coyote's 'Sleeping Where I Fall' but 'Acid Dreams' by Lee and Shlain as to the roots of psychedelics in America was a revelation. I'd recommend 'The Gates of Eden' by Dickstein on how the 50's birthed the 60's, and 'Storming Heaven' by Jay Stevens.
You know, there is a lot of talk and hope about how technology will save us.....but, for me, it will be the people that will save themselves. Just as it was people that made the 60's, not things. That sounds obvious; too simple. Things were used in new ways and old ways were given new life. But there was something that arose out of the 50's that changed everything. Enough people broke out of what was expected and questioned everything and looked for new and better ways to build society.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Sel, Thanks! I have Coyote's book, but ordered the other 3. I might put your comment (latter part of message) in the book. Is that OK? If so, want to use yr. full name?

I have a lot of various quotes throughout the book.

Sel said...

I'd be honored.
Selwyn Gossett

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