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White Buffalo & Company McDermitt, Nevada

In a town of about 30 people just over the border from Oregon is Joe Van Eeten's rock, bone, sculpture, and fossil spread.

Joe, who's a charming raconteur

She bought this for $125.

Joe was going to fix this old hotel up as a home for Viet Nam vets, but ran out of money and now it's for sale.


Eric Toulon said...

Great blog, came across it on my news feed. I produce more electricity than I use giving the vast majority of it back to the utility for a pittance. I still have to come out of pocket with what I get from them at an exorbitant rate, supposedly the highest in the country. I intend to rectify this by getting several of the Tesla 13 kWh batteries with additional panels to supplement the 36 I already have. Because of our rates I calculated that the system would pay for itself in about 7 years, took less that six instead.

lin stratton said...

Incredible place..you can feel the amazing energy 10miles before you hit the town!..something very special...WhiteBaffalo...rocks that speak...ground that vibrates peace and healing! I love this place and the precious man and woman that abide here..more than meets the eye. Very powerful spiritual journey.So honored to be in the presence of the holy and redeemed..Thanks so much White Buffalo ❣

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