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Nice fixer-upper in Salem, #Oregon. Shelter for young persons: fix up an old house in city or town.


mohaverat said...

Something like that in So Cal would cost a half a million! Would be nice fixed up!

Peter Robinson said...

It looks like someone has already started, then maybe given up. New roof, concrete foundation(?), some new windows. With some money and a lot of time, this could be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lloyd - I just heard you dole out that advice - find a fixer upper in a small town so you don't bankrupt yourself - at your talk for The Mother Earth News Fair, and I couldn't agree more. I also heard you say how poorly designed the standard issue tiny house is, with the ladder leading up to a loft. It's cute and novel, but for most people the novelty is going to wear off pretty quickly. Adults aren't meant to sleep with a ceiling 2' above their heads, or walk down narrow steps in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Great being able to see you in Oregon.

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