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Highway 138 east was closed due to fires today, so I tried going on back roads thru the forest to get back to Hwy 5. I used my Garmin GPS--mistrake! 3 hours later, after being led on weird roads like this, a human (logger) directed me to the road to Cottage Grove by drawing me a map. Viva analog!


Peter Robinson said...

Took a look at the general area in Google Maps satellite view. Man, what a lot of confusing logging roads and clear cuts! You were lucky to get out of there before winter came and snowed you in.

I generally do not trust GPS outside major settlements and highways. Even then I'm a bit wary. I especially do not trust GPS maps. What appears to be gently rolling terrain can often be pretty rough country, full of ravines, cliffs and other ways of getting yourself killed. If you do not have a decent topographic map and compass and know how to use them, you would be better off never leaving the McDonald's parking lot!

Peter Robinson said...

By the way, the two Arabic posts that precede this seem to relate to a Saudi Arabian cleaning and insect control company. I know this thanks to Google Translate.

If you ever find yourself in Riyadh and are dirty or infested with insects, I am sure that this information will be useful to you. If you are trying to navigate your way out of an Oregon wilderness, not so much.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Peter, It was dumb. I could have got to the end of the road with nowhere to turn around. GPS does work great on known paved roads and towns/cities, and yes, if i have cockroaches in my condo in Dubai, I'll know who to call.

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