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Sophie and Marc's Homestead of Recycled Materials in Quebec

I just got this email from Sophie and Marc, whose home is covered on pages 116-119 of Small Homes -- after we sent them 2 books:

Hey Lloyd,
thanks from my heart
I brought Small Homes to the video store in small town in Quebec.
what a hit!
Might be orders flying in from QC Cool
Wish to meet you some day.

Hugs from Val Morin

If you have the book, you can check out this lively and joyous family in this video made last year (in French, but you hardly need to know the language to get what's going on with them). 

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Anonymous said...

Toronto's Oldest Home


How an electrician’s visit led to the discovery of Toronto’s oldest home

Then, one day in the 1990s, a previous owner hired an electrician who opened a wall and found that it wasn’t made of red brick, like the other houses on the street, but of solid logs with a wood finishing.

Research traced the house to John Cox, a Loyalist who was granted hundreds of acres of land east of the Don River in 1796.

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