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VW Bug Cab-over Camper

Photo by Godfrey Stephens, in Victoria, BC:


Anonymous said...

Totally adorable....

would love to see photos of inside etc..

Only problem, in Canada, they are prickly about street legal alterations etc.. Would be curious to hear if this was certified/licensed once it was "altered"...

Anonymous said...

found this little gem fascinating, so did some googling...
apparently it is not exactly a one off, and there are actual plans for it..(no idea if that would yet make it street legal anywhwere)..


Volkswagen Bug MiniHome Motorhome. The plans for it were in the June 1977 issue of Mechanix Illustrated.



It's Built on a VW Beetle Chassis
With Sleeping and Camping for Four

Martin said...

One word: Windage

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder where they put the engine on that thing. In a standard bug, you'd be sleeping on top of it!

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