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Taking off on 4-week trip to Canada & #NYC to publicize new book Small Homes. Stops at Hornsby Island, Victoria, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, then NYC. After about 10 years of only carry-on baggage, got this honker bag, so much simpler plus I have books, projector, camera, what a relief to check it in.


VT Viking said...

Hi Lloyd- When and where will you be in NYC? I may come down from VT to meet you.

Rhys said...

Whew ! Just finished your journey/blog, quite the trip you've had so far, Now I see you will be visiting Toronto, which means I will be able too attend and meet you. Will copies of your new book be available for purchase? Looking forward to the 27th

Lloyd Kahn said...

Rhys, Yes, books will be for sale...

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