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Biggest RV I've ever seen. It's an Ormocar Reisemobile. Herman and Martina are on World tour from Germany. Www.diezhollys.de. 10 mpg.


Peter Robinson said...

You ain't seen nothing yet! Go to...


..for a selection of huge, $1M+, mobile palaces.

c w swanson said...

Milage? I'd rather invest in a nice pickup and a pop up trailer.

nils said...

Lloyd, these off - road RVs are quite common in Germany. While we (Germans) usually prefer smaller cars and pay a lot of attention to milage... Off-Road RVs are different. We like to go berserk. I'm only about a third of your life span, but the only thing that I wonder about in your post is that you haven't seen something like that in the US before.

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