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Louie made me a garbage bag parka (it was raining) before I crossed the river after coffee and biscuits for breakfast in his cabin yesterday AM.

via Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BRRDew1hV5j/


Klaas V. said...

This photo suddenly reminds me of the first "real" birthday party of my eldest daughter.
Along with 3 other toddlers, all dressed in garbage bags like you, they were allowed to smear various coulors of paint on a wall in our living room. How colorfull the wall was (as well as the kids).
We kept the wall that way for a couple of years... sweet memories! Parents gathering their offspring were a bit in shock, especially when I told the kids they could do the exact same thing in their houses at their birthday parties :-)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you have such a friend. It will keep you both joyful and gleeful. A tremendous gift to each other.

Andi said...

Wonderful picture of you and Louie, Great to have such a close friend.Would be good to know more about this guy.
Always follow your blog.
Keep well.

bayrider said...

I look at you two and I'm reminded of that PBS series 'American Masters'. Your lives and your wisdom are your 'masterpieces', every moment, every detail, fully realized. You guys just always live in the best possible ways, thanks for sharing!

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