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Cutting Down Huge Elm Tree in Seattle

From Lew Lewandowski
This climber—what a guy!


Heritage Salvage said...

That guy is at the top of his craft! So relaxed and in incredible shape. That is a workout!

Martin said...

My first wife's Dad was a high-climber in the Oregon woods back in the 50's. He topped Doug Fir spar trees after free-climbing 80 or 90 feet. Didn't have the convenience of a crane either. Those Dudes were rugged. Not to detract from the guy in Seattle, mind you.

Anonymous said...

That is a great team! Climber, Crane operator, Ground crew and camera man. Well done. Not me, no way. Glad to watch the pros do their thing while I sit here at the computer, firmly on the ground.

Holly said...

This was a fascinating video! That guy and the whole crew are at the top of their game! Well done!

bayrider said...

It's always heartbreaking to lose a tree like that. We lost 200-300 hundred year old oaks on our place in Shasta County every year, one fell on our RV and several threatened the house and had to be cut down. Some we would lose in the winter rains but surprisingly most fell in the height of triple digit temps in summer. We sold that place in March and moved to Tucson just in time to avoid the hell winter they are having back there. It could get pretty nervous living under multiple big trees during those winter storms. I do miss cutting and splitting all that firewood.

Peter Robinson said...

Seeing that guy swinging around way up in the air made me cringe. I've absolutely no head for heights.

Some years ago I was at a business meeting on the 30th floor of a high-rise office building. As usual, we were grumbling about our jobs - until we looked out the window. There, across the street, was a crew of window cleaners swinging down the side of the the facing office block on ropes and harnesses. They must have been at least 200 feet above the ground. We all decided that our jobs were not so bad after all.

John Kaay said...

Please tell me that tree was milled up!
Sure wish I had a few board feet.

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