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SMALL HOMES on Its Way to Bookstores

Our 1st book in 3 years - Small Homes - The Right Size - is finished, printed, bound, and 10,000 copies are now in transit on the high seas from Hong Kong, due in US bookstores mid-March. We got 10 advance copies via airmail. I'm taking 2 of them to the Winter Institute, put on by The American Booksellers Association Jan 27-30 in Minneapolis, leaving Friday.


Kristin said...

woo hoo!!

Holly said...

Yay! Just bought my copy...to add to my growing collection of "Lloyd Kahn" books...Tiny Homes and Builders of the Pacific Coast.
So excited for this new one...!

jim blodgett said...

Congratulations. Can't wait to see the new book. (The green background looks great.)

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