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Lesley's Open Studio This Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Lesley is having an open studio this weekend in Bolinas featuring knitted wool scarves and woven Alpaca shawls. Info here: http://www.coastalmarinartists.com/2016-open-studios-thanksgiving-weekend/creed-copy/

Two of our favorite potters are among the 16 artists doing open studios: Patricia Yenawine and Mardi Wood. Info on all artists here: http://www.coastalmarinartists.com/ (Roll mouse over images to get artists' names.)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work.

I have always had the feeling that when something (such as Leslie's work/your building/your hand layout of books/etc), that the finished work is imbued with the spirit and soul of the maker.

c w swanson said...

Lesley's webpage is a good place to go as well: http://www.lesleycreed.com

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