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Free Books for Life

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post Layout of Pages on Last Home in Our Book SMALL HOM...":

Might interest you, Lloyd

Free Books For Life: http://www.treehugger.com/culture/how-win-free-books-life.html

London bookshop has announced an unusual competition that has booklovers salivating the world over. In celebration of its 80th anniversary, Heywood Hill is asking readers to submit the name of a single book that has meant the most to them. It has to have been published in English, or translated into English, since 1935 – the year in which Heywood Hill opened.

The lucky winner, determined by draw after the competition closes on October 31st, will receive one newly published, hardcover book every month for the rest of his or her life, mailed anywhere in the world

Contest Site: https://www.heywoodhill.com/competition


Anonymous said...


what book did you post, if you entered?

Lloyd Kahn said...

Didn't enter.

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