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Maine Builder Specializes in SMALL, not TINY Homes

Jim Bahoosh is a builder in Maine who specializes in small (500-900 sq. ft.) homes. His homes look really nice, and of the right size.

This of course coincides with our next book, now almost completed: Small Homes, which highlights some 70 builders and their small homes (400-1200 sq. ft.). It's due out in February, 2017.

Article on Jim: http://bangordailynews.com/2016/08/01/homestead/small-but-not-tiny-houses-right-size-for-many/

His website: http://www.jimbahooshbuilder.com/houses.shtml

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Loretta said...

I grew up (with 3 other people) in a 900 sq ft house. We did just fine. 1000-1400 is my goal for my last house.

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