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Annual joy: looking at apples on a tree I planted 6-7 years ago -- right outside studio door.


crowldawg said...

Very Nice

Anonymous said...


Have a question, wonder if you know?

About five to ten yrs back we bought an Apple Tree from a Greenhouse and planted it. (We live in Calgary). That year we had apples which were honestly at least as big as if purchase right from a grocery store. Each year after, they have gotten smaller and "softer".

Any idea why/what we should be doing/etc?

Lloyd Kahn said...

Anon: No idea. More or less water? Are there a greater number of apples? Maybe ask a local nursery person.

Anonymous said...

Lloyd, thanks.

will check with a local nursery, see what they say. All else seems the same.

the only thing, which hardly seems likely but..
in past few yrs our area has had more and more and more large planes flying over. Maybe the drift from their exhaust............................

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