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My scrub jay garden buddy. I'm getting him to come closer and closer...

Well, he started it. He would hang around when I walked in the garden, follow me around. Perky, inquisitive.

Once in a great while a wild animal makes contact. Coyotes are renowned for their excursions into humanoid consciousness.

He'll swoop down, fly, and hop around to different vantage points, hop toward the peanut, then decide he'd rather come at it from another direction. Cock his head back and forth for different vantage points. Today for the first time I got him to take a peanut off my hand. We're getting to know each other, but he's very wary. He doesn't like it if anyone else is around.

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Anonymous said...


I have had chickadees come down and eat from my hand, at the park. One day we were at the park, and I had my hand out pointing at something, and one landed on it, looked for food and left. Guess someone had trained them. Next day we came back with seed, mixed with sunflowers.

Little Rascal came back to my hand, landed, looked it over carefully, and only took the sunflower seeds. He cleaned up all the sunflower seeds and left.

Maybe your buddy would like an assortment of sunflower seeds?

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