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Artisan Roast, v. cool caffeinization stop on Broughton St., Edinburgh.


Sara Garnett said...

Are you heading any further North? Would love to see you in Ullapool, and show you the off-grid hand built houses of the Scoraig peninsular... You shared our blog about our wrinkly tin 'Coopers' building in Nedd, Assynt a few years ago! About to start work on a tiny larch house in Wester Ross over looking Lochbroom. If you don't make it further North we are just glad to have you in Scotland! Thanks for the books and years of inspiration! I now run a wonderful craft shop selling 'one off' hand made Scottish work, from carved birch spoons to beach litter art - search facebook 'ceard Ullapool' https://www.facebook.com/Ce%C3%A0rd-798530186894584/
email - info@ceard.co.uk

Anonymous said...

here's another interesting Scottish Citizen..

maybe you spotted her on your travels?


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