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An Sgurr, a giant block of volcanic rock on the Isle of Eigg. A four hour round trip to the top, which I'm gonna do.


thomasharper2000k said...

Hi Lloyd i just heard that your doing a talk in Kirkaldy on the 10th of May but the tickets are all sold out. I love your books and can't wait for the new one to come out. They are truly inspirational. I was wondering if there are any extra spare tickets for your talk as id love to come to it? I emailed the theatre but they said theres no tickets left and standing is not allowed. Is there any possibility of a second talk on another day? Ps An Sgurr reminds me of close encounters from some angles. Its a great climb and view from the top. Thanks. Thomas Harper thomasharper2000k@yahoo.co.uk

Anonymous said...

love this series of photos, especially the rocks. Have been a rock collector since I was a tot (seriously)...Would love to see it "for real", but for now this is great...

Beverly said...

Such magnificent rocks, and that mountain, I'd love to see the sights from the top.

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