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Louie coming in on cable across river--500 foot ride to his cabin

via Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BDTNS1qAMig/
He's carrying a duck I bought at Costco ($15), which we cooked for dinner. Every time I ride across the river on the cable, my heart's in my mouth. The river is high and rushing right now.


Anonymous said...

My gosh..Truly it sounds wonderful...but I could not do it...I am a scardy cat..

Is there another way into his place, or is this cable it?

c w swanson said...

Wait, what? A 500 foot cable is his driveway? More info please!

Lloyd Kahn said...

Louie's cabin is across a river. In winter, when water is high, only access is on a bosun's chair on the cable. You take off from a 30' high tower and go by gravity to the other side. There is another cable for the return trip.

Dominic said...

There are a few videos of Lloyd riding the cable on youtube.

Anonymous said...

couldn't decide where to put this, thought you might like to see it...


This might be the toughest 9-year-old around

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