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Tiny Homes At Risk From New HUD Rule

"A proposed rule by the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) on February 9, 2016, threatens "full-time RV'ers," and further stymies those seeking to build their tiny house as a street legal home."


From Rick Gordon


Anonymous said...

what a bunch of twits..

just at a time when more and more are needing this, they make it tougher...

Anonymous said...

maybe this fellow has a point, or maybe he does not..

the house is interesting, though. almost think you may have already showcased this house?


Anonymous said...

now here is a tiny home trying hard to hold out...


Anonymous said...

an interesting bit of info for your Canadian readers..


by law
There is NO minimum house size in Canadian code!

Amalie Lopez said...

So now that I retired and was looking forward to downsizing into a tiny house, I can't??? What can we do about this?

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