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Hey,San Rafael, haven't you heard? Skateboarding is not a crime!


michael wilkerson said...

I'm a breathin, walkin, talkin criminal. Have been all my life.

Anonymous said...

oh sure, guess I understand, somewhat safety concerns..etc..maybe.

just betting though, the "adults" who voted to put up this sign, also complain about lazy youth who lay around and never get no exercise...

c w swanson said...

Malum prohibitum. So many rules you can't help but break one or two every day. But then again, some rules were made to be broken.

salsa said...

I can't find anything in the code that prohibits skateboarding and rollerskating on sidewalks in the code. I would love to hear a lawyer's reading of the code and the codes it refers to though. Sounds like a big scary sign and the code seems big and scary at first, but it mostly deals with boring stuff having nothing to do with bikes, skateboards, and rollerskates.

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