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Coyote by roadside last night

via Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BBDXUDcgMqB/
I've had a number of coyote encounters. They're unlike any other animals; they seem to tune into you, like they half-way want to play. Trickster of the Miwok people. Poem of Jaime de Angulo, from Coyote's Bones:
Coyote, ululating on the hill,
is it my fire that distresses you so?
Or the memories of long ago
when you were a man roaming the hills.


Anonymous said...

I have suspected they often do want to play. they seem to show up a lot in human habitation/human situations. not much reason to fear humans, these days...

Anonymous said...

Maybe these coyotes are stoned..


Coyotes Staring Down Drivers May Be Stoned

They may have consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms

Newser) – In Canada, coyotes build snowmen. In Marin County, Calif., they get high on mushrooms—or so it seems. At least one and possibly two coyotes have been spotted acting a bit oddly along Highway 1 near Bolinas, reports Pacific Sun. Residents describe an animal forcing nighttime drivers to stop on the twisting highway, staring them down, and attacking their vehicles before taking flight

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