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Irene Tukuafu's Cherry Wood Banjo With Abalone Inlay

"My Tenor Banjo is made of cherry wood & there are some places that are walnut in the neck and peg head. I used some wood inlay for the side with some added crushed turquoise with epoxy glue then sanded that down. It's easier to use abalone shell.  This shell is gotten from Aqua Blue Maui LLC. WONDERFUL FOLKS to work with and their process of making abalone shell into a product that can be used easily....WOW. They have a great website and sooooooooo many colors to choose from. This shell that I'm using is from N.Z. but there are abalone shells from all over the world. They make it into the thin even stuff that is not even as thick as a credit card and can be cut by scissors.  All made there in Maui. And yes, I did inlay this abalone shell. I used super glue to make sure it stays where I put it.

So often a banjo overrules a small group of musicians. That's one reason why I like this style as it's not too loud. I used Baritone Ukulele strings on this banjo as that is the tuning. It's also called "Chicago tuning"...really it's just the last 4 strings of a guitar. Easy to play and enjoy. Not as heavy as your brother's Tenor Banjo. There are two other tunings that can be used with this banjo, making it very playable to folks who play other instruments.…"

Very Nicely Designed Vacation Home in Southwest Kauai

This reminds me of homes designed by Bernard Maybeck and Julia Morgan during the Arts and Crafts Movement in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1900s. Note the fine lava rock masonry work of the fireplace, the gentle curves at the ends of the rafters. Well designed, well built.

Large Expensive 4x4 Vehicles on Kauai

I was surprised by the number of these type vehicles on Kauai. Big, expensive, high off the road gas burners all over the place. You wonder how many of the drivers ever need the 4-wheel drive.

Tiny Home Builder and Tree Surgeon Coming to US From UK

Craftsperson Willow De La Roche was featured in Tiny Homes on the Move. She built Willow’s Wagon in 2011, and has a new company, Artisan Homes UK, that builds alternative small living spaces, such as gypsy caravans, shepherds wagons, tree houses, boat conversions, as well as earth-bag and cob houses.
Dear Lloyd,

I'm still living in my beautiful wagon thankfully the sheep have gone from my field now, as they uses to cram in under the wagon and make the most disconcerting and sudden noises in the middle of the night, not to mention reeking havoc with my log pile. But this morning the snow lies all around but i'm really nice and cozy inside. :)