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Green Snake and Neon Tetra Fish at California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco) Last Week

Snark snark: this place is vastly overpriced ($35 general entrance fee for one day), not very well designed, and compliments the weirdness and architectural absurdity of the De Young Museum across the way from it. Sorry, it just pisses me off. The old academy and museum were just fine and in harmony with the bandstand with its pollarded trees outside.


PG Geoff said...

I totally agree. Went to see the show on color, could have been in and out of entire building in less than half an hour. Waste of money and time

Anonymous said...

$35 bucks for one day? wow...

very sad, really, as it will exclude many.

I can remember (does this make me OLD?) when places like this were $35 dollars for a family pass for the entire year.

Made many visits to places like this with kids (at old rate). Too bad, this will now likely be out of reach of most families.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you've expressed much the same detestation as my own for the new DeYoung. 35 bucks for one visit to the Academy of Sciences is unthinkable to me. I guess culture and learning are strictly for the well-to-do these days.


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