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Changes In My Blog

Truth be told, I love doing blog posts. I find so much that's fascinating in my everyday life that I want to tell (and show) others about it. (I have a large backlog of photos and observations that I never get around to posting—hey, how do I get a clone?)

I also enjoy the blog feedback.

Problem is, it takes time, and I need to shift gears now that I've started a new book. Also, I'm probably more useful to more people doing books than doing blog posts. We're getting almost daily feedback on how our books are inspiring people to create their own homes.

I'll try to keep the blog rolling, posting less frequently in the near future.

Also, we're trying to figure out how to get our considerable "content" out via "social media." We're looking for advice on how to coordinate Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and our website (drastically in need of overhaul) and 2 blogs to maximize exposure.

I'm especially interested in reaching millenials because, if you'll excuse the mixed metaphor, they're a whole new ball game. I just love these guys—they're looking at the world through fresh eyes.

I've done layout of 12 pages of Small Homes now and am in full gear with it. Contact us if you know of any practical, aesthetic, inspiring, economical and/or homey homes in the 400-1200 sq. ft. range: smallhomes@shelterpub.com


Mr. Sharkey said...


We don't read your blog because we can't follow you on social media, we read it because we ~like~ you and your views of the world. Having said that, I think I speak for at least some of your readership when I say that I will *never* read anything you post on facebook, ETAL. Branch out across the various "me-too" media newcomers, but don't completely starve off the content here, it's where we come to learn via darshan.

Not seein' anything wrong with shelterpub.com. Don't change it if it ain't broken. Embedded flash videos, complicated javascript inserts, over-the-top jiggling animated graphics, pffft, if I wanted to watch TV, that's what I'd be doing instead of using the computer (oh wait, I already see some of that on the pages there, too late.)

Anonymous said...

Mr Sharkey says much of what I would have..

all in all, understand the limits of your time/needs etc. Will continue to check in regular and continue to enjoy what you are able to spare for this blog, time wise.

most, don't forget "yourself". kind to consider your readers, but, don't forget to do what most interests you/what you most need.

Martin said...

What they said, also too....

Adrienne Adams said...

Blogger is not a very good platform for cross-posting content. WordPress.com OR self-hosted WordPress plus Jetpack has a built in tool called Publicize that allows you to automatically cross-post to other services. I realize changing platforms might be too much for you to tackle now, but Blogger is pretty much abandonware and I would expect that at some point Google will kill it like they have killed a bunch of other services. So maybe consider a migration as a near-term goal. You have a blogspot URL but if you go to WP you can set up URL forwarding to whatever URL you want to use.

Right now WP publicize works with the services listed here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/publicize/

Full disclosure: I've been working professionally with WordPress since 2006.

WP is a pretty darn good blogging platform, way better than Blogger. I can barely stand to comment on Blogger sites as their commenting system is the worst ever...

Adam Robertson said...

I second Adrienne Adams suggestion of moving to Wordpress with an updated Wordpress theme. Self-hosted Wordpress on a DigitalOcean droplet is $5.00 a month, plus a domain name for around $12 a year.

I also work with Wordpress professionally.

Also I agree with what everyone else said. We like the blog platform. I use rss to follow and it works great. Facebook is a crumbling empire, but if you must post there, do it as cross-posting from your blog. I dont have a Facebook account, so I would be locked out of that walled garden.

louise and nivaldo de lima said...

You're a very inspiring guy!!

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