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Cathedral of St. John the Divine—Ugh!

I went there on a hot afternoon to get tickets to a free concert that night and wandered around in the cathedral. I don't like it. It's just big, is all. Huge, tall, imposing. It doesn't have the grace of say, the Wells Cathedral, or the King's College chapel at Cambridge. It's one of those Chistian monuments meant to impress its parishioners by sheer size. Worship us you dumb shits, for we are indeed mighty—and give us your money. (There are certainly other aspects to this mighty edifice, such as its tapestry collection, bronze doors, organ, concerts, and certainly its present day stone masons that seem commendable, but this is just my untutored human reaction to the feeling I get standing in the main vault.)

The high stained glass windows are really too high to see, and I much prefer geometric shapes (like these) to biblical scenes in stained glass.


Peter Robinson said...

Er, the Cathedral of St.John the Divine is an Episcopal monstrosity not a Catholic monstrosity. However, it sure is a monstrosity.


Lloyd Kahn said...

Thanks!. Changed it.

Anonymous said...

love these pics, thanks for including them, even tho the rest of the structure sounds uninspiring, these do.

Bryce DuBois said...

For an altogether different experience, next time you're in NYC check out The Church of the Transfiguration ("The Little Church Around the Corner", One East 29th Street, New York, New York 10016). It's built on a much more human scale.

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