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NYC Last Night


gk said...

Someday you will have to publish your photos - they are such a lovely compilation of your journeys. "Life of Lloyd" :)

kiniboy said...

I echo gk's comment. What camera do you use the most? Your "on the road" pics all seem to use natural or available light , which is great. After looking at the huge wall murals (graffiti?), I was amazed at how much area you could include in the shot.
I get my Shelter and Lloyd, blog fix everyday.

blissfulsally said...

Loved seeing NYC without having to go there. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

ah, more lovers of your photography, grin...ditto.

loved the graffiti ...

Lloyd Kahn said...

kiniboy, I carry a Sony Cybershot RX100 III in my fanny pack, available at all times. It's a super camera, Leitz lens, nothing else like it.

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