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Heritage Salvage in Petaluma

If you're a Northern California builder, I highly recommend you stop in at Heritage Salvage in Petaluma. They have tons of used wood, hardwood slabs, and all manner of recycled and soulful building materials.
Shown here is a walnut slab that is 8' 3" long, and 60" at one end and 43" at the other. Think of the walnut tree that this came from.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful walnut slab....imagine, no glue or formaldehyde in THAT piece of wood. I love looking a wood furniture/etc, which are solid wood.

nice stuff, I bet in that store, nice too, that it is saved from the landfill.

Anonymous said...

yes - they have amazing stuff at heritage. have you noticed how expensive salvaged wood has become? it's understandable...but sheesh!

PG Geoff said...

A piece of wood like that would never go to the landfill. Okay, maybe 50 years ago it might have if George Nakashima hadn't scooped it up. As for the price, think of the labor involved locating, harvesting and milling it. You get what you pay for [pay for what you get]

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