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Tiny Girl Loves Tiny Book

"My daughter absolutely loves the little version of the tiny homes book!…"

- Lydia Doleman, Colorado

Jeez, after some crude Photoshop work, it looks like a Rembrandt!


Anonymous said...

Awhile back you where saying you would send out some of those little books and I emailed you my mailing info. Never got them was wondering if I still had a shot of getting some to pass out? Thanks Scott

Lloyd Kahn said...

Scott, sure, send address.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the offer to send the books. I've always found your books inspiring over the years that there is hope to live the lifestyle I have taken on and that it is a valid way to life. My kids love the books my oldest son will study them for ideas even thought he is 6 and doesn't read yet the pics fill his mind with ideas. I would love to about 20 books and get them out there to kids to so them this philosophy of living. Love the surfing/coastal themes to a lot of your stuff since surfing is what made my choices in this life and where I live and what I do.

Scott Osborne
p.o. box 410
Bandon Oregon 97411

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