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"Holy Cow" by Lee Dorsey

My son Will turned me on to Lee Dorsey last week, can't believe I never heard of him. Born in New Orleans in 1924, was buddies with Fats Domino, many of his songs produced by Alan Toussaint, backed by The Meters. http://grooveshark.com/s/Holy+Cow/4CPgsG?src=5


Anonymous said...

"Ya Ya" or "Working in the Coal Mine" rang no bells for you? Or "Ride Your Pony" (although the logic of its gun shot sounds is still lost on me)? I think I've read that you worked in insurance in the early '60s, but, sorry, that's no excuse. I've also heard that Lee Dorsey (as Kid Chocolate) was a pretty good boxer.

tuskedbeast said...

Now shoot (pow!)
Shoot (pow!)

...I dunno, cowboys?

Also love "Get Out of My Life, Woman", also much covered (Iron Butterfly, anyone?)

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