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Small Houses in Cities and Al Green This Overcast Saturday Morning

Came on this morning as I was here working on a big shift in Shelter Publications' future output on building.
Nutshell: from country to city,
i.e. from Walden to Detroit

Small Houses in Cities

Stay tuned…

This is such a perfect song:
Tired of Being Alone by Al Green on Grooveshark


Peter Rorvig said...

This is just one website profiling the abandoned buildings in Detroit....
Pretty crazy.

Mr. Sharkey said...

Quote: "Nutshell: from country to city, i.e. from Walden to Detroit"

Sorry Lloyd, I'm not lovin' it...

It took way too much time, money and energy to disentangle myself from the last city I lived in, and that's exactly what it was, the LAST city I'll ever live in.

Maybe our ideals will cross paths again, assuming that shelterpub doesn't totally turn it's back on rurality.

Anonymous said...

Peter had a look at the site you posted...Sad.

I see so many articles on the abandoned buildings of Detroit and elsewhere, and always feel sadness. What a loss for the persons who lived/worked there. What a loss they are not at least "rescued" for reuse or use of parts.

Anonymous said...

ran across this, great site

also, scroll down the page
a ton of giveaways, thought some of them might interest you.


Anonymous said...

Lloyd, this is a link off of those giveways, fr link above

but I could so see this on your homestead....


if you do enter and win any of these things, hope you will
let us know/pics.

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