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Nice Batch of Oak Firewood Yesterday

(The stuff on top.) It's healthy oak, not rotted out with sudden oak death disease. I've got 2-3 years of firewood ready to cut up and split. I love getting out and foraging…


Mr. Sharkey said...

Well... My own philosophy is that it isn't "firewood" until it's seasoned, cut stove-length, split stove-size, and stacked under cover within a step or two of the front door of the house. What you have there is a big pile of future labor. (Said the guy who just came in from clearing new ground and planting the last of 200 new trees - some time you'd think I'd learn...)

Paula said...

About a week's worth where I live.

Kev Alviti said...

Nothing feels better than getting the firewood sorted for the next year. I've been pollarding willow lately and although I know it's not the best firewood, in our stove it burns well and is a useful firewood, I've been planting patches of it for future use to harvested on a 5 year rotation. Being a carpenter also helps with my supply of firewood!

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