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Shots of Jameson's and Spectacular Spider in Kauai

I had so many experiences and shot so many photos during my 3 weeks in Kauai that I could do a mini-book, but there just ain't the time. So I'll put stuff up in dribs and drabs. This is Jeremy Hill and his girlfriend Jen (from San Diego) at Mariachi's bar/excellent restaurant in Kapa'a one night. They bought me a shot.

Jeremy showed me this photo he'd taken of a spider on the island, looks like a fanciful drawing.

A week later Jeremy and I ended up at the Bistro, another v. good restaurant in Kilauea and had a great visit while we ate dinner at the bar.

So much "content," so little time…


dweeze (Johnno) said...

We have spiders very similar to that one here in SE Australia. I found out their name some time ago but cannot remember it. Nor can any image search come up with an answer. Pretty nonetheless...

John Kaay said...

We had those same exact spiders in south florida more than 50 years ago when I was a kid.
You can pick them up like a crab, with a finger on each side of the shell.
I wonder if they hitch-hiked to the U.S. On eucalyptus?

Peter Robinson said...

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiny_orb-weaver

Island Woman MJ said...

Well done, Peter Robinson! We have them here in PR as well, but I never knew what they were called.

dweeze (Johnno) said...

Yes, well done Peter. Thnks for jogging the memory. I just did an image search for Gasteracantha and they sure are a pretty genus of spider. Accidentally stood on one a few days ago and felt sad. Then saw a redback and didnt feel at all sad standing on that one.

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