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Buckwheat "Kauai Waffle" at Hanalei Coffee Roasters


Anonymous said...

Thanks!!!! We really enjoy ALL of your posts. Think you would enjoy the Anahola Granola. com, it's a little local Kauai family company that we like so much that we brought some home to Malibu and still order it for ourselves and as gifts. Aloha, Karen and Doug

Peter Robinson said...

This looks absolutely delicious, but you are not being very kind here. In your previous post "Short Hike on Na Pali Coast" you comment "I couldn't believe how many overweight people were making this trek". I feel there is some connection between the deliciousness of the food and the obesity of the people.

I really should get more exercise, but I'll just go get a waffle first!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the overweight people were tourists?

Island Woman MJ said...

Great photo! I'm full now.

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