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Handmade Obsidian Knives by JJ Stone Craft

One-of-a-kind, handmade obsidian knife by flint knapping artist JJ Heo. See selection of knives here: http://www.jjstonecraft.com/


reppas said...

I guess these beautiful knives would not show up on metal detectors at airports? Just asking. I'm far too chicken to try a stunt like that!

I remember, just after 9/11, a high-end steak house at a major U.S. airport was told that they could no longer provide metal steak knives but would have to ask their customers to use bendy plastic on their $30 steaks. They scoured the country for usable plastic knives and, eventually, found some very nice plastic/ceramic ones that had good, sharp edges. The end result of this futile exercise was that, instead of providing their customers with nasty sharp knives that would show up on metal detectors, they provided their customers with nasty sharp knives that would NOT show up on metal detectors!

Anonymous said...

am sure it is practical, deadly, useful, and more...

but , I look at it and all I see is


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