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Garden Visit From Great Egret

This guy has discovered the fish in our pond. Strangely enough, he's hard to chase away, letting me get to within 25-30 feet. These birds, along with great blue herons are usually very wary and suspicious. Look at the long black legs!


Bob Patterson said...

Egrets are startling birds. I was once in a Mass. lumber yard and came around a bend and saw a pale blue egret. It just knocked my socks off. So beautiful and elegant.

Anonymous said...


obviously the birds trust/love you.

hope to see more pics of him?

bayrider said...

We see those often too, very beautiful. The last few years we have been seeing Great Blue Herons standing around on our outer lawns, hunting gophers! I love it. They stand over the holes and wait. Very patiently.

Anonymous said...

go figure...Herons Hunt Gophers....I had no idea..Thought they only ate fish.

Wonder if Lloyd would post a picture of the "gopher grab", if you could send him one? Would love to see it chucking down a gopher.

bayrider said...

There's always Youtube:


Anonymous said...

Great photo, but the bird is a Great Egret. Snowy Egrets have yellow feet and a black bill with just a little yellow below the eyes. Great Egrets have black feet and yellow bills, both are found in the Bay area.

Anonymous said...

some nice bird pics..


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